★Registration Closed★満員御礼 Kawasaki Kimono Walk! Vol.2 2/3

KAWASAKI Kimono Walk presents a special event! 
Let’s visit Kawasaki Daishi temple “Setsubun” in Kimono! 

“Setsubun”, held on February 3rd, is a traditional event marking the official beginning of spring, according to the Japanese lunar calendar and widely celebrated across Japan as one of the favorite traditions of all Japanese people. It’s a day full of bean-throwing, bean-eating, and efforts to scare evil away to welcome good fortune. 

Kawasaki Daishi is one of the top three temples in the Kanto region for warding off evil and expects approximately 10,000 visitors for this event. Along with the tour of the temple, we will hold a Japanese Sake tasting afterwards for all attendees to mingle with each other! 
Kawasaki Daishi site: http://www.kawasakidaishi.com/english/index.html

Great opportunity to meet up and experience Japanese culture!
★Sign up required to attend: Registration closed! Thank you! 

【Date】February 3rd, 2018 Saturday 
◆Kimono dressing at Hotel & Hostel ON THE MARKS
◆“Setsubun” Tour at Kawasaki Daishi Heigenji Temple
◆Japanese Sake tasting at Hakobune LA CITTADELLA
【Fee】5,000 yen (Kimono rental & Hair arrangement 3,000 yen/Sake tasting 2,000 yen) 
It is possible to participate only Kimono rental or Sake tasting. Please inform us at the time of reservation. 
【Reservation】Tel: 044-221-2250 Registration closed!
【Capacity】20 people *Men's Kimono available for 5 people

11:30 Kimono dressing -ON THE MARKS
13:00 Kimono Walk starts!
13:30 ◆Kawasaki Daishi Temple visit
Participation optional
14:00 “Setsubun” Tour (14:00 Bean throwing starts!)
16:00 ◆Sake Tasting -LA CITTADELLA Hakobune
Let’s enjoy 5 kinds of well selected Japanese sake! 
18:00 Free time 

*Please return Kimono by 21:00
【Event will be canceled in case of heavy rain】

KAWASAKI Kimono Walkスペシャルイベント開催のお知らせです!今回は、着物で『川崎大師』の大節分会に参加、ラ チッタデッラ北信越専門店『方舟』厳選の日本酒テイスティングをお楽しみいただけるプランをご用意しました!

川崎大師は、関東厄除け三大師として有名な由緒ある寺院の一つ。毎年行われる大節分会には、約1万人の人出が予想されます。 2月3日に盛大に行われる川崎大師の節分会ツアーと、日本酒テイスティングを、参加者の皆さまとの交流と共にお楽しみいただけます。


◆着付け場所:Hotel & Hostel ON THE MARKS
◆節分会場:川崎大師 平間寺
◆日本酒テイスティング:「方舟」 ラ チッタデッラ店

【定員】限定20名様 (男性着付け5名まで可)

11:30 着付開始 -Hotel & Hostel ON THE MARKS
13:00 街歩きスタート 
13:30 ◆川崎大師参拝 ★自由参加
14:00 節分会体験!(14時豆まきスタート)
16:00 ◆日本酒テイスティング -方舟 LA CITTADELLA
18:00 ★自由解散