Kimono & Live Jazz

We will hold an exciting event wearing beautiful kimono, enjoying town walking and live jazz!

You can enjoy full-scale dressing and hair arrangement by Miyauchi Kimono Academy. Enjoy live Jazz with Kimono in the evening!
One drink & delicious smoked assortment will be included! 

【Date】 November 5th (Sun)
【Time】 2pm~9pm
【Venue】 Hotel&Hostel ON THE MARKS
【Fee】 6,000円 
*Includes rental Kimono & Hair arrangement, Kimono Walk and live Jazz fee (1 drink and appetizer plate will be included). 
【Payment】 Please sign on the dressing agreement and pay at ON THE MARKS front desk. 
【Reservation】Tel: 044-221-2250 / Online form https://ws.formzu.net/fgen/S37629265/ Deadline Nov.1st. 
【Capacity】10 people 
*Men's Kimono will be available for 5 people 

12:00 Kimono dressing at ON THE MARKS start 
14:00 Kawasaki Kimono Walk start 
Visit Inage Shrine 
15:30 Japanese cafe(Katanashi)
Free time 
18:00 JAZZ Night

※It will be canceled only in case of heavy rain 
(It will be announced beforehand)